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Attention Current Parents of College Students!


The strategy is based on the new Student Loan Repayment Plan enacted this summer.
This new repayment plan is called SAVE (Save on A Valuable Education)

S.A.V.E is an IDR (Income Dependent Repayment) Plan. All IDRs base their monthly payments solely on a borrowers’ income and family size. The amount borrowed and the interest rate are irrelevant. Because of this IDR structure, it is possible for a borrower with over $100,000 in student loans to have a zero monthly student loan payment.

This is the most generous, most aggressive plan to help students, parents, and grad. students pay off or eliminate their FEDERAL Student Debt to date.

The strategy is to borrow as much as possible in a Federal PLUS (Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students) loan. Eventually, when repayment begins (6 months after the student is no longer enrolled in school, usually 6 months after graduation) you can enroll in the S.A.V.E repayment plan, and depending on your situation, you may never have to make a payment and your loan may be totally forgiven! In some cases, you may have only a small monthly payment of less than $100 a month rather than in the high $100s or more likely thousands.

I will prove this when we ZOOM.

Be aware that on its own, a PLUS loan is not eligible for the SAVE plan, however by following my strategy, I can show you how to make the PLUS loan eligible. In order to accomplish this, you must file your taxes as “Married Filing Separate.” Now, you may pay more in taxes but the amount this plan can save you will most likely be more than worth it. There are other complex steps remaining to make the PLUS loan which I will go over in our meeting.

Below is an actual client from my case files. This is an example of how powerful this new repayment plan is.

The borrower earned $45,000. Her spouse earned $250,000. The spouse with the lower income took out the loan, i.e. the borrower. In this case, they had $140,000 in Student Loans. Their payments were going to be $1554 a month. By using my strategy, their payments dropped to $0! Yes, that's right, ZERO.

I don’t know about you, but I could (and I bet we all could) use an additional $1,554 in my wallet each month!

What we did in this case was structure a PLUS loan in the spouse who had the lower incomes name. They then filed taxes “Joint Married Separately.” When this happens only the borrower’s income was counted, NOT THE HIGHER EARNING SPOUSE! This example is a quick overview as there are a few more complex steps that need to be taken to get the PLUS loan eligible for S.A.V.E. Again, I will explain these steps during our meeting. I will also prove to you that you could possibly have the same results as the above. Zero or close to zero monthly payments for the life of your loan. In other words, your student’s college could be FREE!

If you could borrow money to pay for anything, your home, car, and yes college, and never have to pay it back or pay very little back, wouldn’t that be great?

Here’s another one of my client examples. A couple that was considering retiring and has been paying off their son’s education with their PLUS loan. They each make about $75,000. They are in the standard repayment plan and currently pay $1200 a month. Using the loophole we mentioned before and with the new repayment plan, their new payments dropped to $367 a month. That’s a savings of $833 a month. Pretty dramatic!

Not only that, but because of these new SAVE rules, their interest rate dropped from 6% to about 3.25%!
When you can put money in a money market fund and currently earn over 4%, there would be no rational reason to pay down this debt more quickly.

Under the New S.A.V.E plan, even couples earning $200,000, $300,000, or even $400,000 could cut their payment to just about zero.

I have helped hundreds, perhaps thousands through this extremely complex process, I KNOW I CAN HELP YOU!

The meeting is free and requires no commitment. I will only require you to provide some information before we meet in order to put together a comprehensive plan to demonstrates your case specific savings.

If you know others who might benefit from this information (friends, relatives, grandchildren) PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH THEM. If you or your children have Federal Loans, Stafford Loans, Subsidized/Unsubsidized loans or PLUS loans and you are unsure if your debt will qualify, please, send me an email to find out- there is no risk and this can be LIFE CHANGING.

In summation, give me just 15- 20 minutes to show you how I can help you save tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars!


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