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About Us

CollegeFinancing.Com, is one of the country's top college advisors in the areas of: College Financial Planning and Tax Planning for College, as well as advising families as the most cost-effective way to pay their college expenses. The organization was founded in 1997 on the premise of making a college education a affordable for all families.

The success of achieving a reduction in the cost of a college education requires the special knowledge of a financial advisor, and expert in college financial planning. While other advisors focus solely on saving for college, Michael Gaer and CollegeFinancing.Com specialize in The Full Spectrum of College Financial Planning.  College Financial Planning is a multi-pronged process and approach and very few advisors understand The Full Spectrum of College Financial Planning. This encompasses: Saving for College, Financial Aid and Scholarships, Positioning the Student, Student Loans (picking the right loans and best repayment plans for you), Education Tax Incentives, Savings Plan Distributions and Paying for College. Because without incorporating each part of the spectrum you are certain to leave money on the table and you will be short-changing not only yourself, but your children! Regardless of your income and assets, this approach will undoubtedly save you money. Each facet of this strategy has a link above to explain the different strategies.


Michael Gaer, the President and Founder of The Gaer Financial Group, Inc. And CollegeFinancing.Com.  Michael has been featured on Bloomberg TV, WABC-TV, NewsChannel 12 New Jersey, plus many other television programs and in several Newspapers and Magazines as well.


Since he began his career, Michael has built his reputation as an honest and ethical financial consultant. In the past 20 years, he has become one of New Jersey's leaders in the field of college funding and financial aid. His experience sets him apart, being in the top 1% of the country in terms of the amount of FAFSA’s he prepares. He has personally prepared well over 5,000 financial aid forms! His reputation and integrity have resulted in him being invited to speak at several High Schools in New Jersey, as well many prestigious organizations throughout the United States. He is always open for speaking engagements to any school, group or company regarding College Financing.

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