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Thank You For Your Interest In Our 15 Strategies Report.

If you have a child in high school this is a MUST READ!!! It can seriously impact your wealth for the better, or for the worse if you chose not to read it.

In this report you will learn some of the time tested, PROVEN strategies I have used for over 25 years that have significantly reduced college costs for thousands of families across the country.

Strategies such as:

1. How to position your student so colleges will be throwing scholarships at him/her. Guidance counselors will not know this! This is one of the most powerful strategies that is guaranteed to get you several scholarship offers!

2. Which assets are included and which are not included in the financial aid formulas. Your CPA or Financial professional will have no idea about this. This alone can save you thousand$$$

3. How to value your assets correctly, including your house. Doing this incorrectly will cost you a lot of money.

4. How to save for college the right way, as to not interfere with financial aid. Very few people will have any idea about this.

5. Which Financial Aid forms to fill out and when! Filing the wrong forms is a very common error that will cost you time and money!

These plus many more money saving techniques

These are only a few of my techniques, follow me on facebook and Instagram for much more timely useful information.



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