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One of the most rewarding experiences in a parent's life is sending a child to college and four years later watch with pride as he or she graduates. Today, the cost of a higher education has skyrocketed beyond the ability of most parents to pay. Other than purchasing a home, paying for a college education is typically a family's single largest expenditure.

Can You Afford $120K to $280K For College?

Because That Is What You Will Pay Without Proper Guidance!

Perhaps We Can Help!

If you are reading this, then I know you are a beleaguered parent or Grandparent. I say “beleaguered” because I know you are being bombarded by information on all aspects college from applying to paying. Furthermore, I also know that you are lying awake at night trying to figure out how you are going to pay for college. Well, I have some incredibly good news for you: 

In the last 25 years, I have helped thousands of families, regardless of their income and assets, save money as well as navigate the college financial process. I believe I can do the same for you!



 Since the beginning of time families have been put in a terrible position during the college application process. They must apply to colleges, the majority of the time, not knowing how much they will have to pay. Can you imagine buying a car, which is much less expensive, without knowing the price? A house? Just about anything, right? Why should this be different?  Colleges have been holding families’ hostage this way for decades! It’s time to take back the process and put the power back in the family’s hands!  How would you like to know BEFORE you apply to almost any college the amount of merit scholarships you are eligible for at that school? Read on.


I have personally guided thousands of families through the College Financing maze and the one thing I have found above all else is that you have to make the school(s) want your student. This is similar to recruiting. Depending on how badly the school wants the student, determines the amount, and quality, of the financial aid package. By knowing this in advance a family can dramatically shift the odds of receiving a good financial aid package in their favor.

I PROMISE YOU, IF YOU FOLLOW THIS PROCESS, YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. uses proprietary, innovative strategies that I have developed through 25 years of experience to help clients save thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars!

Time tested successful strategies!

We use innovative approaches rather than what is considered normal. After all, it is now proven that normal doesn’t work. If it did, we would all have college savings plans that were ample enough to pay for college.

My system will stop the sleepless nights, protect your retirement savings, give you the time to enjoy your leisure hours, organize a plan that will have college payments that you can handle, put more money in your pocket, give you knowledge, control, confidence and peace of mind.


If you want to end up like the rest of America, with huge college debt and no retirement, keep using the “traditional” approaches that don’t work. If you want to end up differently, minimal college debt and a plush retirement, use a different approach, think out of the box.

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